Here you will find a comprehensive list of events, demos, exhibits, sideshows and our world-famous tattoo contest! We will be updating this on a regular basis for the time being so please keep checking back!


Tattoo Contest.png


The #ACTattooExpo tattoo contests is a huge part of the weekend. We'll see some stiff competition, and out of this world ink. Here is the list of categories. We're looking forward to seeing all of your bodies. $10 per entry, per category. 

Friday, Nov. 1 


  • Tattoo of the Day Color

  • Tattoo of the Day Black and Gray

Saturday Nov. 3

​5:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Best Male/Female Small Color (Under 4 inches in diameter)

  • Best Male/Female Medium Color (4 to 9 inches in diameter)

  • Best Male/Female Large Color (over 9 inches in diameter)

  • Best Water Color

  • Best Male/Female Arm Sleeve

  • Best Portrait

  • Best Traditional

  • Best Geometric/Ornamental Design

  • Best Cover Up

  • Best Overall Male

  • Best Overall Female


  • Tattoo of the Day Color

  • Tattoo of the Day Black and Gray

Sunday Nov. 3

​3:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Best Color Flash

  • Best Black & Gray Flash

  • Best Male/Female Small Black and Gray (Under 4 inches in diameter)

  • Best Male/Female Medium Black & Gray (4 to 9 inches in diameter)

  • Best Male/Female Large Black and Gray (Over 9 inches in diameter)

  • Best Male/Female Leg Sleeve

  • Best Male/Female Hand

  • Best Male/Female Back or Chest Piece


  • Tattoo of the Day Color

  • Tattoo of the Day Black and Gray

  • Best of Show (Must consist of only tattoo of the day winners)

Contestants sign-up at the front ticketing booth and is $10 per category to enter. We do not ask for artist name when entering, to prevent chances of favoritism, etc.

Stupid Shit.png


NOVEMBER 1 - 8:00PM  /  NOVEMBER 2 - 3:30PM  / NOVEMBER 3 - 1:30PM

Are you easily grossed-out or made uncomfortable? Then you might want to sit this one out. In this daily ritual that has become a staple of #ACTattooExpo, contestants can win cash by doing outrageous, stomach-turning, or embarrassing acts. Contestants are picked on-the spot by volunteering and you MUST complete or win said challenge to take home the loot. Are you up for it?


Pinup Contest.png



Ladies, when you sign-up at the Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. booth inside the event, you're helping to properly educate the general public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier and pit bull type dogs about Breed Specific Legislation and Discriminatory Laws (B.S.L. & B.D.L.). You're also competing for cash prizes and swag!

The contest will be happening on Saturday, November 2nd at 7pm, so you can sign-up anytime between when the show starts on Friday, November 1st and about 6:30pm on November 2nd!

Sign Up at the Pin-Ups for Pitbulls booth and requires a $10 minimum donation. 

1st place: $300 plus goodies
2nd Place: $125 plus goodies
3rd Place: $75 plus goodies

The Contest is part of of the 3 day Atlantic City Tattoo Expo at Bally's Atlantic City.



NOVEMBER 1 - 6PM, 9PM  /  NOVEMBER 2 - 2PM, 4PM, 8PM  / NOVEMBER 3 - 1PM

All eyes will be on the Main Stage to watch the lovely ladies from Black Hole Burlesque as the temp and tantalize through the are of seduction. These gals will be sure to spice up the programming at the Atlantic City Tattoo Expo!

Squdling Brothers.png


NOVEMBER 1 - 7PM /  NOVEMBER 2 - 1PM, 4:30PM, 9PM  / NOVEMBER 3 - 12:30PM, 2:30PM

Edgy and Humor-filled Twist on the Classic American Sideshows of the Early 20th Century, Brothers "Matterz Squidling” and "Jelly Boy the Clown” combine their feats of wonder, skill, and comedy, tho gives their audiences a fast-paced, high-risk, unforgettable experience.

Free Play.png


Back by popular demand, is our Free Play Arcade. Challenge your homies to a pinball play off. The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo will be featuring 16 classic pinball and video games. I don't know about you but we're ready to bump!